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Lotte Mikkelsen

Hello! My name is Lotte Mikkelsen, Your Everyday Laughter Queen, and I am the Founder of UnitedMind and The Laughter Company (TLC). I am Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in London and the UK and Laughter Ambassador. Lotte Mikkelsen is a Danish name but the UK has been my home since 2001.

Lotte Mikkelsen's Bio:

Lotte Mikkelsen and UnitedMind Ltd – the Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy Training Company and Expert in London and the UK Lotte Mikkelsen is the leading Laughter Yoga Expert in the UK with over 20 years’ experience. She is the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK. She has been teaching more than 1800 Laughter Yoga Facilitators from the UK and the world. Lotte Mikkelsen continues to be on the forefront with her Laughter Yoga work. Her experience comes from over 20 years of working for national and international corporations, mainly in the IT sector. Through her work in technical, sales and marketing environments she has gained experience in dealing with people and stress at all levels in any organisation. She has an outstanding amount of work to be proud of, and your investment in her expertise is a wise business decision. With her many years of experience she brings fun and serious learning to your events. Lotte Mikkelsen's company UnitedMind was founded in 2002. Since then the company has delivered workshops to thousands of corporation in both the public and the private sectors. The core of UnitedMind’s work is empowering people to embrace positive change and communication. The company's mission is to enrich people’s lives through laughter and joy. We provide a platform for anyone to benefit from regardless of background. Laughter Yoga is fast becoming a method of choice for organisations for team connection and stress. We are always interested in discussing your requirements. Listening is one of the key-components to creating lasting business relationships. When you look for workshops, conference key-note, or training UnitedMind is a great choice. We have the largest network of Laughter Yoga Professionals in the UK. This means that your event is in safe hands when you organise facilitators through UnitedMind. Media presence has also been an ongoing part of the work of Lotte Mikkelsen and you can find many videos on her YouTube channel, lottemikkel.

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Lotte Mikkelsen's Interests & Activities:

The workshops and training I run transforms lives and workplaces. In addition to professional workshops and training I run a social laughter club in St. Albans as well as The Telephone Laughter Club where we laugh weekdays at 7am. My friends in St. Albans are at the heart of my life and time on a daily basis but when I get the chance I venture to the North-East England to spend some quality time on the coast!

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