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Lotte Mikkelsen

Training Consultant and Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

Hello! My name is Lotte Mikkelsen, Your Everyday Laughter Queen, and I am the Founder of UnitedMind. I am Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK and Laughter Ambassador.Lotte Mikkelsen is a Danish name but the UK has been my home since 2001.

Lotte Mikkelsen's Bio:

Train with Lotte Mikkelsen to become Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader or Teacher and help to spread laughter in laughter clubs, yoga/fitness studios, senior care facilities, and in the work place.

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One-On-One Laughter Coaching is a breakthrough technique for creating postive and long-lasting transformation in both personal and professional life.

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Welcome to the Telephone Laughter Club where we laugh Monday to Friday at 7:00am-7:10am UK time!

There are parts of the UK and beyond where the Laughter Clubs are not available and this is a great way of hitting it off with some chuckles and get the benefits laughter produces.

To register for the service please book on

Stress, obesity, competition, low self-esteem, lack of motivation etc. are all factors in the work environment which are causing a very high level of loss of productivity and - revenue.

With a workshop designed with the particular team of people in mind, a change in attitude can quickly turn around performance from average to excellent and committed.

For more information: and, call +44 800 12 14 714, email

Interaction with people is where I enjoy my work mostly and the organisation in which I work gets all the benefits I stand for;

- a commitment to people and their well-being
- experience in communicating with people at all levels
- contribution as keyword in relating to people
- motivation and personal drive
- an organised and structured mind
- a commitment to making a difference
- an active part of the organisation
- a healthy sense of humour

Lotte Mikkelsen's Experience:

  • Your Everyday Laughter Queen Laughter Ambassador and Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Laughter Coach & Therapist, Gibberish Advisor at UnitedMind Limited Laughter Yoga

    I am a Laughter Teacher & Laughter Coach as well as a Holistic Therapist specialising in bringing happiness and joy back into the lives of all people. In 2006 I was appointed Laughter Ambassador by Dr. Madan Kataria in recognition of the work I do to bring laughter and joy into the communities in the UK. Team building, stress management, peak performance are only a few of the challenges a laughter workshop addresses. Apart from working with teams in the corporate environment with groups ranging from trainers to senior management, I have great experience in working elderly people and people suffering from disabling conditions, e.g. Multiple Schlerosis, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. Furthermore I have worked with children of all ages incl. adult groups - at private and corporate events. Mental Health organisations find therapeutic laughter valuable in combatting the majority of mental health related disorders, and I work with MIND and MENCAP on an ongoing basis. Please visit to read the feedback from some organisations who have worked with me. UnitedMind offers courses, workshops and one-to-one laughter coaching for individuals and organisations. UnitedMind's website provides information on the full range of therapies, workshops and courses including the benefits you may experience. Achievements: - Completing certifications in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011 and 2012 - Opening The Laughter Club International, June 2004 - Introducing Corporate Laughter Workshops - Starting The Telephone Laughter Club, September 2008 - Starting the Online Laughter Club, July 2011 - Training more than 300 Laughter Yoga Leaders since 2007 - PTLLS Award, January 2011 Please visit for a detailed overview of past events.

  • Cover Supervisor at Teachers UK

    Working with young people in secondary school environments as and when required. A great way of learning about young people and get an understanding of their challenges and interests.

  • Partner Manager (EMEA) at netVigilance

    Working with partners in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Ukraine and Russia to grow the market for netVigilance PCI and VA scanning solution.

  • Sales and Marketing at 21st Century New Media Ltd.

  • Inside Sales Manager at Serena Software

    At the beginning of the new fiscal year my role changed to involve supporting the Key Account Managers in driving activities such as campaigns to uncover new opportunities within new and existing customer accounts. Owing to the challenging and turbulent market which businesses are currently facing changes to the Serena business caused my role to be redundant as part of the Sales organisation.

  • Inside Account Manager (UK and Nordics) at Serena Software

    A new Inside Sales Team has been set up within our UK offices in St. Albans as of Februar 2008. My role encompass the daily contact to customers primarily in the UK, and building longterm relationships with new and existing users of our software. My responsiblility includes looking after customers and enquiries in the UK and dealing with requests from contacts all around the country.

  • TeleMarketing Rep. at Serena Software

    As the "link" between Marketing and Sales I am - responsible for qualifying incoming requests for information - follow up on leads received from ongoing marketing campaigns and events - working with the sales team to create opportunity generating projects - responsible for reporting on telemarketing activities and results to Marketing and Sales Management In January 2006 I piloted the EMEA TeleMarketing transfer to SalesForce.Com CRM system. Worldwide we went live in September 2006. Prior to the live date I was part of a team of key "testers" in the UK.

  • Personal Assistant at LifeTime Financial Management

    Personal Assistant to an Independent Mortgage Adviser within Lifetime Mortgage Management. Overlooked ongoing life assurance and mortgage cases, dealing with lenders, clients, Legal & General and other advisers to complete cases. Finished financial background training in September 2004 which was defined by the FSA as mandatory in order to practice in the financial sector whether it be in administration or as an adviser.

  • Inside Sales Rep. at NetIQ

    Key Responsibilities: - Follow up on opportunities entered through our website - Directing leads to partners and follow up - Sales in the region to web generated opportunities Key Achievements: - Bringing structure to working with end user sales and with partners

  • Business Unit Manager at DNS

    Key Responsibilities: - Budgets for the Networking Business Unit (USD 9,8 mio) - Budgets for the Sun Business Unit (USD 17,5 mio) - Product Management - Account Management - Head count: 4 in each unit

  • Product Manager at Tech Data

    Key Responsibilities: - Budgets for 3Com (USD 3.6 mio) - Budgets for Palm Computing (USD 2.4 mio) - Product Management Key Achievements: - Meeting sales quotas on Palm Computing - Highly successful product focus-days within Tech Data - Building the 3Com name within Tech Data to provide solutions to partners - Educating the sales teams in Tech Data - 30 people

  • Product Manager - 3Com and Palm at TechData

  • Sales Rep. at Miller Freeman

    Key Responsibilities: - Budgets for the Networks Telecom show (USD 900k) - Planning and managing the floor - Selling of floor, additional marketing activities - Main contact to exhibitors and venue Key Achievements: - A successful Networks Telecom trade show with 9.200 visitors - Selling 6.000 square meters of floor space - A fully booked seminar program

  • Sales Rep. at FDC

    Key Responsibilities: - Product Management - Partner management - Activities such as show cases and seminars Key Achievements: - Building the channels sales from 15 to 35 focused partners - Building the channel opportunities for Nbase and Secure Computing

  • Business Manager Nordic at Azlan

    Key Responsibilities: - Product Management - Building the UUNET partner channel - Training sales people within Azlan Denmark and Sweden Key Achievements: - Signing 5 UUNET partners in a highly competitive market

  • Product Manager at Tempest

    Key Responsibilities: - Meeting the budgets for Wall Data, Netscape, NetManage - Product Management - Technical support Key Achievements: - Building the Netscape channel in Denmark - Developing a TCP/IP and Internet course for IDG Denmark - Educating IDG Denmark customers in the use of Internet - 3 major installations of mainframe database access via MS Windows

  • Managing Director at Beaverholm Discount

    Key Responsibilities: - Budgets - Introducing new products to the Danish market - Head count: 2 employees Key Achievements: - Increasing turnover by 100% over a period of 6 months - Streamlining of the product sheets, price lists and other materials

  • Technical Consultant at Damgaard Data

    Key Responsibilities: - Technical support of the Lotus product line to customers - Presentations at seminars and training Key Achievements: - Training expertise - Creating the Lotus name with Damgaard Data as supplier to the Danish market

  • Sales and Support Rep. at Ravenholm Computing

    Key Responsibilities: - Main contact to vendors - Product Management - Customer Management - Technical Support

  • Apprentice at Socialforskningsinstituttet

    Two year apprenticeship focused on IT. My first encounter with computers... I worked on a 286 pc with Ventura Publisher, Dantekst and Lotus 1-2-3. Also logged research data on the VM/CMS system. Tried learning basic programming in SAS but never really got the hang of it.

Lotte Mikkelsen's Education:

  • International School of Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga Master Trainer
  • International School of Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher
    Concentration: Laughter Yoga
  • West Herts College

    PTLLS Award
    Concentration: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  • Reiki Training

    Master Teacher
    Concentration: Reiki Healing
  • Oakland College

    Concentration: Reflexology
    Activities: Studied Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology.
  • IT-Universitetet i K?benhavn

    EDB Assistent
  • Niels Brock

  • Thorvaldsenskolen

    Primary and Secondary School
    Concentration: Basic education.
    Activities: Yeah 1 to Year 10
  • Frederiksberg Gymnasium

Lotte Mikkelsen's Interests & Activities:

I love my work with laughter and people, and I run a social laughter club in St. Albans as well as The Telephone Laughter Club where we laugh weekdays at 7am. My friends in St. Albans are at the heart of my life and time on a daily basis but when I get the chance I venture to the North-East England to spend some quality time on the coast!

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